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7 Reasons Why CROSSNET Is the King of Backyard Games

How many games out there can boast that they have the competitive edge of volleyball and the laid-back atmosphere of four square? The answer is one, and it’s our very own CROSSNET.


In the summer of 2017, Chris Meade, a BA Film, Video, and Interactive Media graduate, was working for Uber, which allowed him to go back home to Connecticut quite often.


One summer night, he started brainstorming some business ideas with his brother Greg and their friend Mike Delpapa. Thanks to Delpapa’s engineering skills, the trio came up with dozens of different inventions. But the one that stuck out the most, the one that would take over the outdoor games market less than a year later, was the idea of four-way volleyball.


Not long after they put their ideas into practice, the trio started selling thousands of units of CROSSNET, earning millions of dollars in record time. As of 2020, their products are sold by various retail chains, including Walmart, Gopher Sport, Academy, Target, Scheels, Amazon, Jet, and Flaghouse. You can also buy CROSSNET from the official website.


It’s safe to say that CROSSNET is the undisputed king of backyard games. In fact, it’s so popular that several minor sportswear chains started putting out knockoff products of extremely low quality. And while we definitely do not condone this and urge you to buy the official product, we can’t help but think of the famous saying, “imitation is a form of flattery.”


But what makes CROSSNET so unique and famous? Well, here’s a handy list of seven reasons that answers this very question.

7 Reasons Why CROSSNET Is a Top-Tier Backyard Game

  1. Incredibly Easy Setup

The best outdoor games need little setup. We all know how complicated it is to put a trampoline or a pool together. And looking at CROSSNET, you’d think that it might take hours to set it up.


But that’s definitely not the case. In fact, as you can see in this handy video, the CROSSNET rig isn’t hard to assemble. Once you get the hang of it, you will get it up quite literally in a matter of minutes.

  1. Top-Notch Equipment

You need high-quality parts to achieve an easy setup. Luckily, CROSSNET’s net, spikes, and rods are all made of durable, lightweight material that doesn’t bend, break, or tear.


More importantly, each individual part can fit safely in a neat bag that you get with each purchase. Once you’re done playing CROSSNET, you can store it away, and it will take up next to no extra space.

  1. Perfect for Multiple Players

The major selling point of CROSSNET is that it’s a four-player game. However, it’s not just a four-player game, really. In fact, an unlimited amount of players can join. On the other hand, you can play CROSSNET with as few as two players at any time.


Because of how easy it is to set up, the net can be turned into an average volleyball net. All you have to do is unzip two of the side nets, and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can only unzip one and play a three-player volleyball game.


But how can more than four players join, you may ask? Well, it’s explained in the rules, which we will cover in more detail a bit later.


In a nutshell, anyone willing to join the game can line up behind the person who’s in Square 1. They rotate the second that someone is “out.” The person who is “out” has to go to the back of the line and wait for their turn. So, theoretically, dozens of players can join CROSSNET. The more, the merrier, we say!


Team-based outdoor games are awesome. They get all of your guests or family members engaged, and the fun can last for hours. Not only does that increase your mobility and physical skills, but it’s also a great way to socialize and connect to others. Plus, you get to do it outside, in the fresh air.

  1. A Game for All Ages

A lot of outdoor games can be too challenging for children or too easy for adults. That’s why, for example, you can’t play tennis on an equal footing with your 6-year-old son or daughter. You can also argue the same case for darts, outdoor billiards, or even table tennis. Truth be told, even Twister would give nimble players an unfair advantage over others.


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However, the cool thing about CROSSNET is that literally anyone can play it. Because of its design, it can accommodate men and women of all ages. In other words, it’s not only a fun game for you and your peers but also a spectacular family activity.


CROSSNET allows you to move around and stay active throughout the game. It provides you with the exercise and mobility that you need as an adult and a parent. More importantly, it’s a great way for your children to grow and develop since it helps them strengthen their bodies and hone their reflexes. And thanks to its dynamic rules, the game will never feel boring to either you or your kids.

  1. Competitive Gameplay and Easy Rules

This game brings out your competitive side. That’s one of the many reasons why there are regional CROSSNET tournaments and competitions in the United States. In other words, it’s a backyard game that has grown into something far greater over the years. Not many products can claim that in 2020.


Of course, the game made it big because it has an easy set of rules to follow. Let’s go over them quickly down below.


  • A maximum of four players can be in the squares; each square gets a number from 1 to 4

  • All additional players need to line up behind Square 1

  • The only person who can serve is in Square 4, and they have to serve diagonally to Square 2. In addition, they are the only player to score points.

  • Once a player is out, they move to Square 1, or if there are more than four players, they go to the back of the Square 1 line. Other players rotate positions clockwise.

  • Each player can only hit the ball once per turn; they can spike it, but they aren’t allowed to cross the net or hit it with their hand.

  • When a player reaches 11 points (or a 2-point difference), they win.

  • The player in Square 4 wins points by either scoring within a different player’s bounds or if other players make a mistake (miss, hit the ball out of bounds, etc.).


The cool thing about CROSSNET is that literally anyone can win or lose at any time. For example, a player can win 10 points and still be out, giving other players a chance to be in Square 4 and reach 11 points.


The rules also ensure that the game is balanced. Only one player can score points at any given moment, but the remaining three players can and will aim for Square 4 the most. That way, everyone is on their toes, and the game becomes all the more dynamic when more than four players join the fray.

  1. Portability

CROSSNET is one of those games that you can literally take with you anywhere you go. It’s the perfect backyard game since you can set it up (and put it away) in mere minutes.


Thanks to its design, you can also assemble it anywhere. Do you have a nice little lawn in front of your house? The CROSSNET will be a fine addition to it. If you have a beach house, know that this game is perfect for some light entertainment on the sand too. It’s even better if you take it to a public beach or a park since other people can freely join you and your friends.


One of the few complaints that early customers had with this game is that it wasn’t suitable to play indoors. The Meade brothers took notice, and soon enough, they introduced a new indoor base set. So, if you have enough room in your home, your basement, or your attic, you can install CROSSNET and have fun even in the winter months. The bases will hold the game in place and prevent any wobbling or tilting.

  1. It’s Both Fun and Educational

Combining volleyball and four square, CROSSNET involves a lot of physical activity. But because of how dynamic it is, it will entertain everyone, kids and adults alike. It’s also an amazing learning tool for aspiring volleyball players.


Right now, CROSSNET is used in over 8,000 schools in the US alone. In addition, professional volleyball players have been playing the game in their spare time. It’s the perfect educational tool for young children, as it can help them develop and prepare for the world of professional sports. On the other hand, it’s leisurely enough for the pros to relax and enjoy doing what they love without any pressure.


Some retailers even provide detailed PE curricula that include CROSSNET. As a teacher, you can base an entire month of lessons around this game and get spectacular feedback from the students. It can apply to both elementary and middle school, as well as high school students.

A Few Closing Words

There are plenty of other reasons why CROSSNET rules the backyard games market. However, it all boils down to a few basic facts.


CROSSNET is the perfect blend of fun and competitive, of simple and demanding. And on top of that, it’s easy to assemble, and you can literally take it anywhere with you.


It’s even more astounding that the product has only been on the market for three years. The future is bright for CROSSNET, and based on current reviews and customer opinions, it will remain at the top for years to come.

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